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Savings and Checking

Topeka City Employees Credit Union provides Savings and Checking account openings for all its members. Reasonable rates and no hidden fees for maintenance.

You save easily, at your own pace, without losing the accumulated interest. From now on it is easy to save for your plans. Open a free savings account in dollars and start putting money aside for everything you want, now easier than ever.

Don’t leave what you can save today for tomorrow!


ZERO COMMISSIONS: for opening, administration, or closing;

FLEXIBLE: You have permanent access to the money in your account and no minimum amount is required to open and maintain your account. You can deposit or withdraw money whenever you need, without losing the accumulated interest;

SIMPLE AND EASY: You save at your own pace and effortlessly by activating a free scheduled payment that will automatically transfer an amount of money set by you from your current account to the savings account. You can open a savings account in dollars without going to the bank, using Mobile or Online Banking applications.

The interest will be calculated on the daily balance of the savings account and will be transferred monthly to the current account or will be capitalized in the savings account, according to your option.

For interest income related to savings instruments, the bank is obliged to withhold interest tax by applying the following quotas:

10% in the case of loyal members of the credit union;

16% in the case of new members (first 3 months);

a more favorable rate, if this is provided by the convention for the avoidance of double taxation concluded by the US with the state of fiscal residence, in case the non-resident client presents a certificate of fiscal residence, in original, valid in the year of interest payment.

Want to open a savings or checking account? Contact Topeka City Employees Credit Union for more information about requirements and terms.