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Schedule of Fees

December 1, 2008

Credit Union Fees
Account Closing Fee $5.00 if account is closed within 90 days
Account Printout $2.00 1st page $.25 each page thereafter
Account Reconcilement/Research $20.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum
ATM New Card & Pin Number $10.00
ATM Replacement Card $3.00
ATM Replacement Pin Number $5.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee &/or Inquiry Fee 6 free per month,
$1.25 thereafter
Business Account Coin Handling Fee $20.00 per month
Check Cashing Fee min fee $1.00 up to 10%, max $5.00 if saving balance is < $100 & no other services*
Collection Item Presented by Mail 10% of check minimum charge $7.50
Copies of Cleared Share Draft Item $2.50 per item
Copies of Statements $2.50 1st page, $1.00 each additional page
Deposited Item Return Fee $10.00 per item
Direct Deposit Withdraw Fee $5.00 if take ½ or more, saving balance is less than $100 and no other services
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per quarter if balance is less than $100 and no other services
Fax Charges, outgoing $3.00
Garnishment Fee (Legal Process Fee) $15.00
Loan Processing Fees 1 free each quarter, $5.00 each thereafter
Lost CD Fee $10.00 affidavit fee
Membership Share Par Value $5.00
Money Market Checking $3.00 in excess of 3 items per month
Money Orders $1.00 per money order
Notary Fee Free to member, $5.00 non member
NSF Fee, Checking, ATM, ACH
(If item is paid or returned)
$20.00 per item (no calls made)
Return Mail Fee $4.00 per month
Share Draft Printing Fees Price will vary depending on style
Stamps Books only
Stop Pay fee, Check or ACH $10.00
Telephone Transfers 2 free weekly, $1.00 each thereafter
Teller Checks $2.00 per check, 1 free each quarter
Western Union Wire $26.00
Wire Transfer Fee Incoming Free
Wire Transfer Fee Outgoing $20.00
All members are required to maintain a minimum of $5.00 in their “A” account to transact any business with the Credit Union. The credit union will transfer funds from member’s other accounts to maintain the minimum $5.00 balance.

*All checks, drawn off another financial institution, that are cashed, are subject to the check cashing fee.

*An account is considered dormant when there is no activity for 2 years or more and share balance is less than $100.00.

Checking Accounts:
Automatic transfers from savings to checking will not take the balance below $5.00 for any reason.

Any member who causes a financial loss to the credit union or abuses account privileges, will lose all rights and privileges of membership, including access to services.

All new checking accounts are subject to a credit check.

Closing of Share Draft Account/Checking Accounts, requires all unused checks to be returned to credit union, for destruction, prior to closing.

All overdrawn accounts, are subject to a $10.00 daily fee.